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Okay, Welcome to the Art Master Post for the original story 'Ark' by the incredible [livejournal.com profile] jaceyfaye. I hope everyone has, or plans to, read this breathtaking story. It was absolutely amazing and I'm only sorry that, due to time constraints and other issues, I wasn't able to complete more art for it.

This is my portrayal of Shee as she exists in my head. I started drawing any designing this at the point in the story where Shee and Noa meet Anchor. I have to say that I really adored her and she has always struck me as being very golden and bright eyed, which is what I tried to get across.

This is the closeup of her face:

I created this piece of 'the box' Shee and Noa find in the beginning to use as the cover art for the mix I created to go with 'Ark' and liked how it came out enough to turn it into an icon. Because I love icons. ::grin::

Well, that's all folks!

:D Thanks to Jacey for writing such an amazing piece of awesome, and to our Mods for organizing this whole shebang! It's been a blast~ ♥
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