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Here's the mix for [livejournal.com profile] jaceyfaye's lovely fic 'Ark'. With this mix I went looking primarily for instrumental/classical and foreign music.

Ark has such a muted and abstract, almost dreamy feel to it that I didn't want the music for it to be too wordy. I felt it'd be a distraction that detracted from the story itself. It's also why I tended to lean towards foreign music, I don't actually speak any other languages (save a touch of spanish) so I have no idea about whether the lyrics fit but well, as I told Jacey "It's just, the music itself can be so powerful... you don't need to actually know what they're saying because you're head's filling in all the detail."

Their box still lingered there, now with tiny golden beads affixed carefully to its strap. --Ark, by JaceyFaye

List of Songs

1. Fallen -by Delerium
Do you remember me?
I'm just a shadow now
This is where I used to be
Right here beside you

2. Piano Concerto #23 Adagio -by Mozart

3. Autumn Scene -by Yiruma

4. Assoluto Amore -by Valeria Caponnetto Delleani

5. Again -by Ogawa Mika

6. Firebird Suite -by Chicago Symphony

You can Download any songs here!

If you can't, or don't want to have to download, I've turned the title of each song into a link for that song that I've found on youtube. :D but please don't ask me to explain the video for 'Again'. IDEK. 0.0

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