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Alright! So it's been a hectic trip but here it finally is, posting day! :D And now presenting my contribution to an absolutely lovely Merlin fic entitled 'The Five Kingdoms' and written by the fabulous and outrageously talented [livejournal.com profile] misswinterhill.

This was my first foray into the Merlin BigBang challenge and I have to say that if this is the awesome that I can come to expect then I will definitely be a repeat offender. ♥ The story was absolutely gorgeous and my author so amazingly nice! I really enjoyed it all~ If not for the heck that is work (and my insane BB addiction >.<;;) I would have really tried to get more pieces done, but time was not on my side for this. Still, I did manage three! I hope you all enjoy them and here they are:



"The Princess had changed into a sea-green shift, the yoke jeweled with bright gems and shells, her bare arms clattering with bracelets."

Okay let me first just say that I FRIKKIN LOVE MERMAIDS! hOMG!! O.O Which is why I totally had to do a pic of Astrid. I chose her human form in the Mermaid kingdom because that's when we get our first look at her 'real' personality. Plus, she was really really fun to draw all jeweled up. I tried to make her look a little awkward with feet, don't know how well I suceeded though.


"The body rose from the ice, snow and freezing water combining to outline a girl, barefoot above the ice."

One of my favorite scenes in the fic is when Merlin summons Freya out of Ice in the second kingdom. It was such a moving scene, I cried... just a little.


"Merlin scurried down his arm to his wrist, his claws like little pinpricks, and sniffed at his mead."

Because really, who doesn't want to see Squirrel!Merlin stealing Mead from Gwaine's cup? ;D

And that concludes today's art! I hope everyone enjoyed it but most especially I hope that you, [livejournal.com profile] misswinterhill did. ^_^ You wrote such an amazing story and I did my best to give it justice. Sorry I couldn't give you more. ::showers you with cookies and sprinkles::

Also, a big thanks to our mods for running this thing! I don't know how you guys do it, you're not aliens or anything are you? O.o
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