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This is the art created for the brilliant fic 'A Haunting' by [livejournal.com profile] cece_away. I had a lot of trouble with this one and I don't mean in the 'omg I can't figure out what to draw, nothing jumps out' sense. Oh no, I mean in the 'why the hell won't anything come out' sense. For some reason I was horribly blocked when doing this. I really really don't know why because it IS an amazing story, full of scenes that I wanted to do. :(

Still I kept at it and managed two that I felt were of an acceptable standard for posting. :D Cece, I hope you enjoy these anyways! ♥ You were amazing to work with and this was a gem of a read. I loved every bit of it.



This is how I imagined Dorthea appearing in the fic (while a ghost). In the story John describes her as smoky/wispy and so I didn't want to put a lot of intricate detail in her gown to represent that. The base design of the dress IS however, based off that of a gown from the 1890s. The reference I used being here. I used a manilla type of paper to try to imitate the feel of an old photograph, although I'm not sure I suceeded as well as I'd hoped. :D

Sam Wounded

Okay, this is from the end of the story after they've killed Dorthea and John is picking up Sam. I tried drawing John and well, we're just going to forget that any and all of those pictures don't exist shall we? >.< It didn't go well. I still wanted to do this piece though and since Sam was the central person in it anyways... I actually really like this one. And, once I removed John from the equation, is the only piece I tried to do that just flew out. From start to finish this took me under one hour to do. It was awesome. ♥

That's all folks~ Thanks Mods for hosting this awesome challenge! And EXTRA thanks to my author for writing such an amazing story to begin with!!
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