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Welcome to the Art post for ‘These Unbroken Threads’ by [livejournal.com profile] shadownashira. This was a brilliant story, complete with a lot of my favorite things. A JohnWinchester that puts his boys first, a Michael that can get his head out of his metaphorical ass, a completely BAMF!Cas, smart!Dean and I could just go on. A joy to read, so go do it! Enjoy! ♥

Oh, and before I forget. I don’t have a scanner so these are photo’s of the actual pieces. New versions (better/cleaner) will be replacing them as soon as I can. .


I just had to draw geeky blonde Castiel. And couldn't resist the star trek (redshirt) shirt considering that A)Aliens & SG1 and B)How often is Cas compared to Spock? Yes. I am that big of a geek. :D

Close-up Kenny!Castiel

Just a close up of Kenny!Castiel from above.

Castiel in Hell

From the moment I read about Castiel meeting Dean in Hell I knew I had to draw it. I love inHuman!Cas. ♥

Special Thanks to my author for writing this piece of Awesome! I can't wait to go read the final version myself and sorry for this being so late. The person taking the shift after me called in and it took a while to find a replacement! But I'm here! :D

Thank you Mods for being such BAMFs. Seriously I hold nothing but respect. I can’t imagine how you do it and stay sane. We appreciate it all the same though.&hearts

Date: 2012-06-20 01:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] shadownashira.livejournal.com
I repeat, I'm in love with your drawings. Kenny!Castiel is too ridiculously adorable for words, and the Castiel in Hell one is beautiful. It's almost exactly what I imagined he looked like while I was writing.

Thank you for all your effort! ♥

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