Jan. 28th, 2014 02:51 am
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Alright, because of reasons I have decided to be more social... you know, online and stuffs. Start doing some Big Bangs again, posting more artwork, getting more into communities again. Updating both my current Rec Lists and creating ones for several other fandoms.

I have decided.

Should be fun, right? Right. First things First. Organize my Rec Folders, because I do have them. Sorta. Huh. I did have them all nicely typed up and ready to CopyPost (because even if I wasn't posting yet [no reliable internet], I was working on them.) I kept them in this nice little folder on my External Hard Drive (Sunny-Go :D), and then my brother tried to access Sunny (to watch a movie) by connecting it to his xbox. BOOOOOOOOM. All GONE. ::Dies a Little in Remembrance::

So, we're starting over. Cheers Folks, Cheers. :DD and Welcome Back to Me. (not that any of you care, right?~)
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I love to read but recently I seem to have gotten out of the habit of reading books. :(

So I have issued a challenge to myself to read 50 books in a year. I have the books (well, the list anyways) and the drive. Now I just need to get my butt in motion to do it. Here goes:

Progress: 04/50 Books read to date! ♥

My 50 for BookChallenge ♥ )

There we go. My list to read. ^_^ I CAN DO THIS DAMNIT!!!


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