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I was almost done with everything when I accidentlly refreshed the page.... I lost everything except for the new Dean-Castiel and Dean-Gabriel. I redid the Dean-Other, Sam-Dean and Crossovers but don't have the heart to do the 13 or so Gen fics right now. ::sigh:: Maybe later tonight.

Update (03.19.2011): I've added a lot of fic and also rearranged how it was organized. 29 Dean-Castiel, 3 Dean-Gabriel, 4 Dean-Other, 7 Sam-Dean and 12 Crossover.

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Okay, Below are a collection of what I think are the best things I've read so far this fandom. (and when I get back to my comp I'm going to do one for SPN too.) I've organized it by Pairing. ^_^

Okay, because I think this needs to be said: If something is italisized it's because I copied & pasted it. These are the author's actual summaries and/or story quotes.

Update 08.31.2009: Added the final part to [livejournal.com profile] ninhursag's 'It's the Grammar of Skin' Verse to Spock-Uhura-Kirk. I'll be doing another update today or tomorrow.

Rich Text can still go to hell.

Here are the Fanfic Recs ♥ )



Jan. 28th, 2014 02:51 am
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Alright, because of reasons I have decided to be more social... you know, online and stuffs. Start doing some Big Bangs again, posting more artwork, getting more into communities again. Updating both my current Rec Lists and creating ones for several other fandoms.

I have decided.

Should be fun, right? Right. First things First. Organize my Rec Folders, because I do have them. Sorta. Huh. I did have them all nicely typed up and ready to CopyPost (because even if I wasn't posting yet [no reliable internet], I was working on them.) I kept them in this nice little folder on my External Hard Drive (Sunny-Go :D), and then my brother tried to access Sunny (to watch a movie) by connecting it to his xbox. BOOOOOOOOM. All GONE. ::Dies a Little in Remembrance::

So, we're starting over. Cheers Folks, Cheers. :DD and Welcome Back to Me. (not that any of you care, right?~)

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