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Welcome to the Art Post for [livejournal.com profile] princess_aleera's story "Burn (With a Wave of My Hand)". Superheroes. Dude, that should say all that need be said about how awesome this story was. It's also by Princess-Aleera, the person responsible for my falling into the DeanGabriel pairing. Doubly Awesome. However if none of that convinces you then maybe some of the following art will. Come one, take a ride. :D


I had to draw at least one costume. I had to, and since Dean and Gabe don't have one (sorta kinda) Balthazar is the one I picked. This is him as his AlterEgo 'Revelation'. :) Yes, he is holding/rescuing a kitty. Don't mock him, Cas looked at him all moobly.


Levi!Cas was just so Awesome. Creepy and deranged but awesome. Kind of like some sort of Evil!Misha. :D
Arted to the Music: 'Hello' and 'Snow White Queen' by Evanescence.... and 'My Medea' by Vienna Teng.

Burn (With a Wave of My Hand)

So apparently I can draw hands when they're not attached to a body but at no other time. Huh. Unfortunately the colors didn't come out as great as I would have liked (being more subtle and all) but I hope you all still like it. This is Ruby Three, using her Burn powers when she.... ~.^
Arted to the Music: 'Burn Out My Eyes' by The Bittersweets... and 'Burn' by Three Days Grace.

Hopefully that convinced you to go read an incredibly well written superhero fic! Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] princess_aleera for being so great to work with! and to our lovely Mods for creating a challenge that others are jealous they didn't get to participate in~ Nya nya.
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